Saturday, August 25, 2012


Yesterday I really "wanted" to paint. But it wasnt the right mood. When the planets are aligned (or something) and I'm in the right frame of calmness and openness, I can sit down and it flows out. It's pretty much just like that. If its
 right it's easy. Maybe that's the way life is at times. But not all the time.
The blacksmith phrase "strike while the iron is hot" keeps running through my head. So if you got hot iron, strike it with all you got!

About the pic. I'm in a funny mood. :)

Third in the series. How to you paint some thing that would so easily lend itself to cliches. Hearts? No to over done.
So what to do. I painted the blue and pink next to each other. Added a little depth to the edges and then had the idea of a bright spot in the center of the universe that shown so bright it brought silence to the heavens because of the depth and width of it all.

I probably could have just used a heart. LOL


By Dix

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